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This blog is dedicated to healthy supper ideas, tasty food products, and any interesting meal, restaurant, or cookbook I discover along my culinary journey.

Girls Night In

Posted By TONI KAGAN on Sep 23, 2009 at 12:57AM

Monday nights are generally spent easing myself into the week, in front of the telly with a simple home cooked meal. But this Monday night was spent with my two girlfriends, two bottles of vino, and a tin of wasabi nuts. These highly addictive, and super crunchy morsels sure do pack a punch! My tastebuds feel singed off today, and my nasal passages completely cleared from the medicinal properties of horseradish.


Baby Artichoke Pasta

Posted By TONI KAGAN on Sep 21, 2009 at 1:50AM

I love, love artichokes. They have a distinctive, creamy texture that is such a treat. Whenever I see these green gems at my local grocer, which is hardly ever, I buy loads of them.  Last night I experimented with the last of my batch, and some other ingredients fished out the bottom drawer of my fridge to create a rustic pasta. If I had a bag of frozen peas those would have gone in too! I always use wholewheat pasta, to add extra fibre to my meals.  


Chinese Cabbage Salad

Posted By TONI KAGAN on Sep 21, 2009 at 1:03AM

The cabbage salad has a bad rep. Limp pieces of cabbage and grated carrot smothered in store-bought mayo.Traditionally served at Sunday braais, or as a side to cold meats and chicken, It hardly inspires. My Chinese cabbage salad, however, was served at an elegant dinner party. A platter of vibrant purple and white shreds of cabbage, sliced mange tout, and spring onion, topped with a heap of crunchy noodles,roasted cashew nuts and sunflower seeds. Just before serving pour over a generous amount of  the sweet, spicy, and salty dressing. Delicious, affordable, quick to prepare and very impressive.  Left overs taste fantastic the next day - the noodles soften and the cabbage pickles slightly to create a completely different taste sensation! To turn this into a more substantial meal, add shredded chicken, beef slices or even a can of tuna.

Yellow Moong Dhal

Posted By TONI KAGAN on Sep 17, 2009 at 12:29AM

To shed the extra flab I picked up this winter, I am on a mission to cook high fibre, low fat meals.  Last night, I made a yellow moong dhal, which I served with a brown rice pilau studded with fresh garden peas, and a simple sweetcorn salad. 

My Indian colleague at work, Supriya, gave me an old family recipie for the moong dhal, which I adapted slightly. The recipie called for masala, a mixture of grounded roasted spices such as cumin and chilli powder . Most Indian cooks would never dream of buying ready-made masala, however unlike Supriya I do not have an Indian mother providing a steady supply of the blood red dust. Instead I popped out to the shops in my lunch break yesterday. The closest thing I could find to masala was a box of hot Indian curry powder. It would have to do.

I did find mustard seeds, and ground cumin instead of the cumin seeds stipulated in the orignal recipie. My boyfriend, who comes from a long lineage of white rice, meat and potatoe eaters, relished the wholesome plate of dhal with it's exotic flavours. To contrast the creamy dhal, I made a crunchy sweetcorn salad with cherry tomotoes, fresh coriander leaves, and a light dressing of lemon juice and olive oil.   

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Vibrant Butternut Soup

Posted By TONI KAGAN on Sep 16, 2009 at 2:55AM

Welcome to my first blog post! My blog is about sharing recipies that are nourishing, and easy to prepare - perfect for busy worker bees like myself.

To kick start my blog I am sharing a recipie for vibrant butternut soup spiked with flecks of fiery red chilli that entertain the tastebuds.The soup barely requires any chopping and fussing about, as everything gets blended anyway. I get home from work, throw the ingredients into a pot, put my feet up in front of the telly for 30 minutes, and then voila a comforting bowl of orangey goodness. I don't bother with a home-made chicken stock, as that would require far too much effort, and opt for a good quality powered chicken soup. I don't usually use cream, unless i'm impressing guests and then I would serve the soup as an effortless starter.  You can also add a teaspoon of curry powder before you blend the soup, and garnish with corainder leaves before serving. 

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